Sunday, February 10, 2013


The weather bureau, or someone official (officious?) has decided to begin naming blizzards. I wasn't aware of this until the big storm this week in New York and New England was christened "Nemo." Today I found out that the current storm that is blasting through Minnesota has been named "Orko." Today I was pressed into shoveling service again. It's part of my exercise program apparently. I had plenty of help from Unky Herb, and it was only about 5 inches or so, but it was frozen solid at the bottom and very caky. It required a variety of shovels to get the job done, but I'm a veteran of the shoveling wars and my tools were ready. The pots that I used to grow veggies last summer sit idly in the backyard accumulating snow, but they added color and an indication of the depth of the snow.


The view out the back door before the shoveling began. Rest assured that the sidewalk is currently free of the majority of the crusty snow. I think more is coming later, but I'll deal with that later. With Herb's help.

Not much else to say. It's February and baseball's spring training opens in Florida very soon.


Retired Professor said...

Naming winter storms seems strange to me, too. I'm more used to The Blizzard of '79 kind of naming ritual.

The Twins are here already, getting some publicity and doing some good works with a number of baseball workshops for underprivileged kids.

Jimi said...

Yup, the naming storms stuff is odd. I wonder what their algorithm is for naming the sequence of storms. The next one must start with "P" and so far the ones I know about end with an "O." Is Orko a Disney character? If so, maybe Pinocchio is next.

It seems early for baseball, but I'm ready to watch some major leaguers going through their drills. The Twins are again in a rebuilding phase. Again.