Thursday, February 28, 2013


The NCW and I had tickets for today's Twins spring training game in Fort Myers against the Orioles. We got there about two hours before the game started so that we could see some batting practice and some of the more informal parts of spring training. The problem was that the batting practice was mainly Orioles and no Twins were around at all. Still it is February and this is baseball. It was still fun and nice to be outside in 70+ degree weather.

I don't have a great defining shot for the day's activities, but it was a pretty good game. The Twins hit the cover off the ball and won going away 7-1. This photo was taken from our seats, eight rows back of the Orioles dugout down the first base line. The Twins catcher, Joe Mauer, is just about to catch a pitch getting by Alexi Casilla, a former Twin now playing shortstop for the O's.


The scoreboard after the first two innings showed the Twins lead and an ad for Mauer Chevrolet.  Joe's been having a pretty good week, now batting .375 for the spring training season.  He went two for two today in about five innings of work before the minor leaguers took over in their respective quests to make the Big Show.


Justin Morneau had a pretty good day at the plate.  He's now batting .467, after going two for three and collecting three RBIs.

Hammond Field is a decent place to watch baseball. The field is well manicured and there are plenty of seats for the mostly retired fans to watch major leaguers get ready for another season in the sun.


Retired Professor said...

And then there was the news today that one of the Twins is expecting twins this summer. Truth is stranger than fiction.

More baseball Sunday.

Gino said...

The outlook is not brilliant for the Oriole club this year if the many times failed as a Twin middle infielder Casilla is getting a long spring look at shortstop. But in any case, I believe the O's have another former Twin, JJ Hardy, as their incumbent at that position.

The Twins would be ecstatic to have him back.

Morneausy is off to a hot start. Based on the photo he clearly can still recognize when the pitch is too low, a ball.

Nice news about Maddie and Joe.

BDE said...

Looks like you guys are having fun. I remember a bunch of us having a great time at spring training one nice sunny day years ago.

Jimi said...

Spring training is really fun. Sitting outside in comfortable weather in February really tickles my uvula.