Friday, March 1, 2013

Ambling in Kiwanis Park

It was a little cooler today, but still nicely into the 60's.  We went to Kiwanis Park somewhat west of here for some sauntering and a little nature observing and bird watching. It's home to quite a few water birds and even some turtles and I even saw a raccoon.  Kiwanis Park's only about a mile in circumference (if it were a circle), but the trail meanders back and forth among slash pines, cypress trees, southern oaks, and an abundance of palm trees of several types.  We encountered this equipment early on and NCW and Santini had to try it out for the camera. We were just out for a stroll, so we were open to stopping and observing the trees and bushes.


 Kiwanis Park has some exercise equipment built into the ground that people can use as they saunter around the park. It's not a large park, but Santini and NCW were maximizing their efforts by balancing on the low balance beam. The one that you can't easily fall off.


There was a bit of required silliness when the posing was going on. Here I am with NCW under a southern oak tree, or so I think.

This is one of the white egrets or hurons that was out today. This guy had just grabbed some tainty morsel from the pond and was happily having an early lunch.

The weather is cooling a bit this week, but we're scheduled to see the Twins play the Rays on Sunday at Charlotte Sports Park, home of the Charlotte Stone Crabs minor league baseball team. And a really nice baseball facility.


Santini said...

Nice post, TT. It's fun to relieve this morning's activity. And that's an impressive number of synonyms for walking slowly.

Supper was good, too. I should have taken a photo of the grouper.

Santini said...

Of course I mean relive, not relieve.