Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day

I couldn't let March 14 go by without alerting the world that it is again Pi Day. There's a web site to buy t-shirts and stuff, too.   It's also not a bad day to indulge in a nice slice of pie.

I think it might be appropriate to have a frozen pie, too, because spring in these climes simply refuses to return. Another minor snow dumping this morning and probably a bit more over the weekend.


Retired Professor said...

Good job. Supper tonight here was soup and pie, but I took no photos.

Winter does seem to be hanging on and hanging on. We're not changing our plans about leaving here fairly soon, however.

Retired Professor said...

What kind of pie? It looks like apple.

Jimi said...

It's an apple pie. That's my usual pie of choice, because it's easy and almost always tasty.

Retired Professor said...

It's hard to go wrong with apple pie. Most pre-made ones don't have enough cinnamon for my taste, though.