Saturday, April 6, 2013

Birthday month

It's April and it seems like there are more family birthdays this month than any other.

Just thirty-three years ago Unky Herb was born in a Minneapolis hospital. I have quite a few photos of the boy from 1980 and this is one of my favorites. There was a snow "event" the day he came home from the hospital, and today seems to be very similar. There were flurries yesterday and today is cloudy and dripping but it is probably too warm for a snow dump, but April is a cruel month. Perhaps the cruelest.

Another photo from 1980 when Unky Herb was a mere infant. That youngish looking guy was me, Tennis Tousan, now an elder, perhaps a geezer.

We had a little cake for lunch, and we're planning a birthday dinner next week.

It has been a long slow slog towards spring, but it looks like we're going to have flowers and grass and leaves on the trees again soon.   I've had a few walks over by Como Lake and the trail around it has been clear of snow and ice for a few days.  Soon the crab apple trees will begin sending out blossoms and color will return to Minnesota.


Retired Professor said...

It's good to be optimistic about the weather. There's not much else you can do, really. I hope the snow is behind you, though we've seen a few flurries this week. It was snowing the day Nikki was born, so this cold spring isn't new -- just annoying.

I hope Adam has a good birthday. I sent him a birthday greeting via Facebook. Kels' is coming up soon, as well as the favorite aunt's.

Aunt Barb said...

I hopw you are referring to me. I have taken Kelsey out to celebrate our birthdays. I should take Adam out some time, too. Or maybe the 3 of us should celebrate together when the P-ster retuns to MN. Nikki could fly out and join us!(Not to be exclusive, but I have spent years celebrating my birthday, first with my mom and then with my friend Bonnie--fellow Aries. Aries unite!)

Retired Professor said...

Of course I am referring to you!

Jimi said...

Happy birthday to the favorite aunt, too. It is indeed the birthday month.