Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This has been an abnormal spring

It snowed again over night. It was quite pretty this morning and it seemed like a good time to go for a walk and catch the morning sun on the new snow. Down the street on Fairmount I encountered this bicycle locked to a rail and layered with the heavy snow. It was a sight that needed to be recorded.

The snow isn't eight inches deep, but it put a layer of heavy snow on all the trees. The blue sky this morning is very welcome, and the snow will be gone by Friday. This was taken about a block from where the bike is anchored.

The sun is as high in the sky and as intense as it is on August 19. I think that spring is about to spring.


Santini said...

I hope that snow isn't on its way here. Abnormal about covers it. I don't remember another winter that hung on as long as yours.

Retired Professor said...

Love the bike photo. Very cool, right down to the lime green tire.

BDE said...

I think more accurately, you could say this has been a nonexistent spring. Until today!! Yay.