Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another birthday

As hard as it is to believe, the Prairie Princess (aka Daughter of Norway) turned 30 years old today. That week there was a huge snowstorm that dropped maybe 10 inches of snow in my backyard, and tonight there is another big snowstorm waiting in the west wing to drop another load on the Saintly City. What goes around continues to go around. PP is in Norway finishing a master's thesis this week and won't see the storm, but it looks like the weather there isn't much better.

And one of the last photos of the Prairie Princess before she made her return flight to the old country, here with the North Country Woman at Lake Como in January. She has grown a bit since 1983.

Happy birthday, my baby girl.


Retired Professor said...

Ahhh, sweet picture. (s)

Retired Professor said...

52 friends wished her a happy birthday on Facebook. (I was one of them.)

Jimi said...

I'm not on Facebook, so I wasn't aware of the happy birthday count, but I'm happy that she was remembered. Thanks.