Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The falls flows again

Finally, an April day with some sunshine, no wind and temps in the 40's.   I took it as an omen that spring may yet appear. The NCW and I decided that after lunch we should go see how the local water falls was handling the extra flow of water. The rain and snow melt added enough water to the flow of the creek to make the falls once again a real water falls.  The ice has yet to melt away, but soon it, too, will be flowing down the creek.

The NCW was happy to be outside and proud to be able to pose jacket-less. The falls are to be seen in the background.

We walked down to the big river and back, too. There were quite a few people out enjoying the sunshine, some of whom were still wearing parkas and stocking caps. It'll take a while until we really believe that winter won't reappear.

The Boston Marathon bombing has taken much of my attention today.  I still can't imagine how anyone can intentionally kill an eight year old child and consider that to be a good or even defensible act.  Random acts of insanity must somehow be quashed.  Hug your children and be careful out there.


Retired Professor said...

It's good to see water flowing over the falls. NCW looks happy to be out in the sunshine.

Gino said...

The guy at Paris Daily Photo said it pretty well.

Thinking of Boston

"I've quit wondering why people would harm innocent people just because they think they own the truth."