Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yuck factor

Maybe it's time to give up on spring. There was a message written on a window on Lexington as I drove by this morning said, "Merry April." I guess we're due for up to six more inches of what I sometimes call "lovely whiteness."

The Minnesota weather radar pretty much sums up the yuck factor.

I'm still going to play tennis tonight at Wooddale. It may be a wild ride there and back.

Later edit:  Tennis has been cancelled.  The roads are bad.  There will be other sunnier days to hit the courts.


Santini said...

Yuck seems like a mild term for six more inches of snow. Giving up on spring makes a dark sort of sense. Do you go straight to summer or just wait for another winter, I wonder?

Jimi said...

I vote for going straight to summer.

Retired Professor said...

This is one for the record books. Remember when Dad used to tell the story about the year it snowed on the the 4th of July? Let's hope summer arrives.

Jimi said...

And don't forget the TRAM through Hibbing when the morning temperature was right at freezing.

Summer may be fleeting.