Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar night

The Oscar's are tonight and for a change, I've seen many of the films that may be the best picture. Last night we went to "Zero Dark Thirty," one of the last of the nominees we hadn't seen. Other than the fact that it was a war/CIA movie and thus full of violence and the killing of quite a few people, it was just a bit too long for my taste - two hours and 45 minutes. Too much of it focused on torture. Anyhow, I'm hoping that "Silver Linings Playbook" is the best picture, and Robert DeNiro is best supporter. Otherwise, I don't care very much.

 We iChatted with Unky Herb and the Prairie Princess this afternoon. It was a three way connection (St Paul, Oslo, Port Charlotte) totaling 10,481 miles. I love the internet. You can find out almost anything.  The temperature in St Paul and Oslo were very nearly the same (35º F.), but 85º here.

We fixed spaghetti and zucchini, with a spinach salad for dinner. Santini said it was one of the top ten dinners that she could remember.

The sunset at the end of the day was semi-tropical and quite attractive.


 Santini's local pet blue heron dropped by while I was taking sunset photos and I was able to get a profile while he perched on the dock.


 Not too much excitement, but a nice day in this part of the USA.


Retired Professor said...

I believe that last photo (blue heron) contains the bald eagle tree.

Supper was awesome. JB said so, too.

BDE said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous sunset picture.