Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thorn and roses

Sundays in January are often used up with football playoff games, but the Vikings bowed yesterday. It was a nice day, about 24º when we left for a little walk in Como Park. The Prairie Princess (PP) and Pengilly Woman (PW) went along for the exercise. We had a good time circling the lake and chatting about life and nothing in general, enjoying the day and the bright sun. At the south end of lake on the dock where I stopped yesterday, we stopped again, for a photo op. I guess I was the thorn walking between the two roses.

Later at the spit of land that sticks out into the lake we stopped again. I was sitting by the lake with PW while PP snapped a photo. Then we walked across the ice to the pavilion and decided to extend the walk. We crossed Lexington on the footbridge and made our way to the Conservatory. It was the last week of the poinsettia show and there were lots of people there to take in the color and the warmth of the building. I have lots of poinsettia photos and didn't take any more today. Next week the winter show in the sunken garden begins. Maybe I'll get some photos then.

We stopped a bit for coffee in the lunchroom by the zoo. They close the whole facility at 4 p.m. so we had to leave and make our way back to the car by the lake.

A unique bike encountered near the entrance to the Como Conservatory. It's probably a Minnesota thing. I had to have a photo for the bikers in my readership.


BDE said...

Well, as a person formerly called Ms Matchamatic, I was struck by how PP's and PW's outfits coordinated perfectly. Lovely. Then I noticed that PW's and TT's outfits also matched. Outstanding!
I think PP's blue scarf pulls the outfits together. I feel so proud.
Lovely photos on a nice, sunny winter day.
I hope UH is feeling better. My illness lasted only a week.

Retired Professor said...

Everyone looks like they know how to dress for the cold. And quite stylishly. Winter can be attractive, at least from this distance.

Jimi said...

I hadn't noticed the color coordination, so thanks for the insight. I think a sunny January day with all the white snow can be very attractive.

BDE said...

PS I meant to say that PW's scarf pulled the outfits together! (Nothing personal PP, but I did not give you your scarf and it is not blue.)