Friday, December 21, 2012

Not doomsday

Just to note that today was the 99th birthday of Lillie Evelyn Anderson Miller. She was born on the day before the solstice in 1913. Google, the wonderful tool that it is, let me know that the solstice in 1913 was on the 22nd of December.  This photo was taken about 1947.  I'm guessing.  Happy birthday, wherever you are.

And to note in passing that the day that the world was to end, doomsday, today, is nearly over and so far, so good. So I put up the Christmas tree. I think there will be a Christmas again this year.


Retired Professor said...

I thought about her birthday some yesterday. It's an odd feeling to have outlived both of my parents and two of my grandparents. It made me feel old there for a minute. Then I realized -- I am old. Good for me. I made it.

The end of the world came yesterday morning around 6:15 am. It's over. This is just a simulation.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Jimi said...

Good. If you made it, I guess that means that I did, too. I'll be basking in that thought all day. Thanks.

On the other hand.
"It may be that my whole purpose in life is to serve as a counterexample." - Peter Hill

Merry Christmas to you, too.

OSLO said...

Happy, happy birthday grandma!!!! Merry x-mas to all my family in Minnesota!


Retired Professor said...


I don't remember seeing photos of Mom with hair that short after she was married. In all of the photos I can remember of her with us "kids", she has longer hair -- (and I don't have many with me here to check, so maybe I'm wrong. I think she was younger in that photo.

Jimi said...

Santini: You may very well be right. I have not much of a frame of reference except for how youthful she looks. The original of the photo is in color and I changed it to B&W because I like it better that way. The color may have been hand done rather than it being color film. The date I suggested was based on the color quality of the photo.

Oslo: Merry Christmas to you and the Michigan family, too.