Thursday, December 20, 2012


The Princess of Prairie is in the building. The plane from JFK was nearly two hours late, but Unky Herb and I collected her at the HHH terminal and got home in due time. She was up early and ready for the dreaded first day of jet lag, seemingly unfazed. It's been a busy day. We trekked to the DMV to get expired driver's license renewed, to the bank to get a new replacement cash card to replace one lost somewhere on the other side of the world, lunch at iPho by Saigon, groceries and vino at Trader Joe's, Penzeys for cloves and whole cardamon, etc. We were engaging in Christmas like activities.

I'm a little knackered and ready for a little sit down.

She hasn't crashed yet. Still going on Christmas adrenalin.

I'm still likely to play some tennis tonight at Wooddale. By tomorrow, I'll be ready for the solstice, the Mayan solstice. It sure doesn't seem like doomsday.


Santini said...

Welcome home, Kelsey. And Merry Christmas :-)

Aunt Barb said...

Very photogenic model! Welcome home, P-ster.