Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Walking Man, Blogging Man

I did get my cameras back and the batteries charged in the one that was dead. But I didn't take any photos. I'm using this one because I like it, it's pretty recent and it is my blog. It was Sunday when we sauntered around the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. I've always liked this life size sculpture, "Walking Man" by George Segal. It was created in 1988 from a plaster cast of a real man and later recast in bronze. I've clowned around with him many times before, usually on Father's Day when my kids are there. This photo was taken by Unky Herb and used, I think, with his permission.

It wasn't a very exciting day today, but I did get in some tennis. The geezers were there at Sibley High School and as often happens we had an odd number of players. This is an artifact of the rule that whoever shows up gets to play some doubles. We have a plan for that happenstance where we rotate in the fifth player at the end of every game. We keep score in a way and everybody gets a work out and some time to work on their tennis skills. Today I was the old guy, and it was a trifle windy, but it was worth the effort.

Then I came home and caught the second half of the Spain-Chile tilt at the World Cup. Chili was ahead when I got home and they stayed that way in a game that Spain had to at least get a tie to stay alive in the tournament that they won four years ago. This time they're going home early. 2-0 for Chili. Then later I watched some of the Croatia-Cameroon game, won easily by Croatia after a Cameroon player was red carded and sent off. It was game number 18 of a 64 game schedule. There's a long ways to go before a new champion is known.


Santini said...

Unky Herb takes nice photos. I like the effect -- the foreground in focus, the background a little fuzzy. I suppose most photos look like that, but this one seems more obvious. Anyway, nice photo, Blogging Man.

Good job on the tennis playing in the wind.

Gino said...

Game 18 already? This thing will be over way too soon.