Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Number Thirty-four

As is often the case on Father's Day we went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The Pster, NCW and I (TT) met Unky Herb at the parking lot by the Walker Art Center. We ambled, sauntered, and moseyed around the grounds looking for new sights and appreciating the old ones. There were a few new sculptures since the last time I was there, and quite a few people viewing the art works. It was partly because Saturday had been such a lousy day that so many people decided to see some outside art.  The most famous of the art at the garden is Spoonbridge - a giant spoon with a giant red cherry sitting on its end.

The kids and I at the Sculpture Garden.   We were standing very near a rock-like piece of art made of metal.

NCW and I in front of the Spoonbridge with some Minneapolis skyline in the background.

I was having some fun with one of the sculptures and Unky Herb snapped a photo.

Then we went off to meet Ying and had dinner at Grand Szechuan in Bloomington. We let Ying order the food because she's very familiar with Szechuan vittles and we had a very tasty and filling meal.

A pretty good day.


Mrs. Smith said...

Sounds like a great day in all ways! I love the photos (and the sunny sky). Really nice one of you and NCW.

Santini said...

I agree with Mrs. Smith -- I always enjoy the Father's Day photos from the Sculpture Gardens. It sounds like a pretty nice day was had by all.