Monday, June 16, 2014

It's raining again

It was a nice enough day until late afternoon. It's raining again now. I don't have new photos today because I left my camera at Unky Herb's place yesterday. So I'm posting a photo of him from yesterday and reminding myself to go fetch the camera. Herb was using his macro lens to get a photo of some small bug who was crawling on that rock. His focus and the camera focus were both pretty good.

It was a busy day. I mowed the lawn again, just the part that isn't going to be part of PP's garden of native plants. Wilderness, or at least wildness is going to be part of my landscape. Rob was here, because he and his men are doing some work for me this summer. He came to have a look at the first part of the project, a new electric box with breakers to replace the fuse box that has been here since I moved here 39 years ago. His men have a plan. He wanted to convince me that it would work.

Then it was off for some geezer tennis at Sibley High School. We had eight older gentlemen playing, enough for two courts of doubles. There was one guy older than me there, a retired English professor. The rest of the guys are in their sixties and retired. It was a very windy day and the Sibley courts are on top of the hill at the school with very little screening from the gale force winds. It's a challenge to play in conditions like that, but at least the rain held off and we got in two sets of pretty good tennis.

Then I came home and watched the USA men's representative team at the World Cup steal a win from a good team from Ghana. 2-1. The World Cup is just beginning, but it's riveting the rest of the world. I think I'm going to join in the fun.

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Santini said...

This was a nice, chatty post. It's good to have more activity on your blog again. You have a busy summer again, which may mean more material -- or less time.

Home improvement projects never go exactly as planned -- at least in my experience.

Go get your camera.