Wednesday, June 4, 2014


About a month ago I thought that I had chased away the bunny that was living in my yard. He's been gone a while, but has been replaced with Rabbit 2.0, perhaps a relative, but almost certainly a younger buck. I went outside about five-thirty and he was sitting in the grass enjoying his meal. I took his picture and chased him a bit under the impression that I might discourage him enough that he'd move on. I'll see how that theory plays out this time. I'm not very optimistic, because there are plenty of others out there. Rabbit 3.0 and Rabbit 4.0 are waiting in the wings.

It was one of the nicest days in the history of Wednesdays. I played some tennis outside at Sibley High School with a few of the Gang of Geezers. The wind was mild, the sun bright, and the tennis enjoyable.

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Santini said...

Apparently the hard winter wasn't hard on rabbits.

Enjoy the nice weather. You've earned it!