Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another photo of Minnehaha Falls

There have been several blog postings about the water level in Minnehaha Creek lately. I thought I'd check it out myself, and heaven knows there's not a better blog photo than Minnehaha Falls in full throat. It was as advertised. The water was high and the falls was loud. And there were lots of other citizens there to check out some of the highest water in years.

A view across the creek valley just below the falls finds a couple daring to venture out over an area that has recently slid into the creek. They're young enough to fully believe that they are invincible. I believed that about myself once upon a time, too, but my belief has softened a bit with age, and now I'm a little more careful where I walk. And once in a while I have my blood tested for glucose and cholesterol. I watched them for a while and nothing happened to them. They retreated to safety. And my recent blood tests went fine, too.

A view with the telephoto fully engaged gets us closer to the daredevils and the terrain where they are precariously standing.

We walked down the creek to Bridge 3 and crossed over to the north side of the creek. The water is spilling over its banks all the way to the mighty Mississippi.

Incidentally, the stairs to return to the top level of the falls  has 134 steps.  NCW counted them as we ascended to the top to return to the car and the drive home, stopping briefly at Baker's Square for pot roast pie.


Santini said...

The cycle from low water to high water seems to have been pretty short, in blog years. The photos this year have been pretty dramatic.

Good news on your blood lipids and glucose. Diet and exercise are powerful tools, and the side effects are mostly beneficial. Good job.

Thirty something stairs here, as usual.

Pot roast pie sounds like something New Zealanders would eat for lunch. Oddly, fruit pies are extremely rare there.

Gino said...

I remember invincible. Those young people are at least a good several inches from inadvertently losing their lives.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, won't be doing that again ever even for another t-shirt.

Excellent photos.