Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peonies are in bloom

It's Tuesday and it didn't rain, at least not quite yet. I had a pretty good day, highlighted by a trip to Trader Joe's for provisions, some World Cup viewing, and a walk (stroll, amble, mosey) through and among the vegetation at Como Park. The park was last, thus clearest in my memory. I was going to take some photos and perhaps blog. My carry around camera was still at Adam's place, so I got out my Nikon, only to discover it had a dead battery. Apparently I forgot to turn the camera off the last time I used it and the battery went south. (It's getting charged right now) I had to go to my old Minolta Dimage. Its battery looked okay and I carried it with me as I and NCW took a ride to Como to have a saunter.

The only two photos that were good enough for blogging are here. The photo of me by the Schiller statue was taken by NCW. She thought she may have cut the head off Schiller, but I assured her that he's been dead for about two hundred years and it wouldn't matter.

Peonies are growing next to the "frog" pond near the Conservatory. I think they call it the frog pond. I know I do because there is an oversize frog sculpture in the middle of it. It's a good year for flowers, especially peonies, what with all the rain. It's alright to turn off the spigot now.

Unky Herb called while we were at the park. He brought my walk around camera and left it at my house, so I'll be good to go tomorrow.

So the World Cup is going full bore. I watched a very entertaining scoreless game tie between the host nation, Brazil, and a spirited and pretty lucky Mexico team with a hot goalkeeper. In hockey, and also probably in soccer, that's how you win tournaments, you bring a hot goaltender. I'm not convinced that Brazil can win their own tournament. It's a long tournament and lots of things can go wrong, but Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, and Argentina are among the world's favorites. But they have to play the games and win almost all of them to be World Cup champion. As the Miami Heat knows, it's not enough to just have the best player. You have to have the best team, too. It's going to be fun. The final won't be played for almost a month, on July 13.

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Santini said...

The Schiller statue story is amusing. And I am entirely certain that NCW laughed.

I haven't seen peonies here, at least I don't think so. They're quite pretty -- I'll have to look for them on my next walk. We're in the midst of rhododendron blooming here.

July 13? That's a lot of sport for me to ignore.