Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flood Zone

The crest of the Mississippi is supposed to arrive in the Saintly City sometime tonight. Or maybe it's the first crest. That might depend on what kind of rainfall we get in the next three days. Rain is indeed predicted. I wanted to see how the flood was progressing, and since Harriet Island is in the flood zone, I decided to take a hike around the area this afternoon. I was out and about anyhow, because I needed to get a haircut. The island was scheduled to be the venue for the Taste of Minnesota festival over the Independence Day holiday, just over a week from now, but it was moved to Waconia. I can see why.

I parked my car and walked to the Wabasha Street bridge and entered the park from there. The signs of flood are obvious. People were wading in the river water on the streets leading into the park. The police were out, too, on their horses, to keep people of getting too close to the high water. I guess that must mean young people, because I was wise enough to keep my distance. This is the highest water level that I've ever seen in this part of the flood zone. It's still lower than the record 1965, but I didn't come down to look at it that year. I may have still had finals in my last year in college.

The playground equipment, at least a hundred yards from the river, is swamped.

The building where receptions and large parties are often held is under water.

Another view of Harriet Island, this time pointed towards downtown River City.

I walked back to the bridge and crossed to the downtown side so that I could get a good view of the condition of Raspberry Island, a place that I've often visited on dryer days.

The view of Raspberry Island from the Wabasha Street Bridge. It's nearly completely submerged.

A closer view of Raspberry Island reveals a snow egret or heron looking for food just behind the flooded pavilion.

The USA men's soccer team lost to Germany in Brazil today, but had enough goals to edge Portugal and get into the knockout round of the World Cup tournament. They looked a little tired at the end, but will get a chance to play another European power, Belgium, next week.


Santini said...

That's the most convincing set of flood photos I've ever seen. And I remember 1965's flood, at least from the perspective of the bridge next to the Great Northern station.

Sometimes it seems like MN gets the worst weather on earth. More rain???

BDE said...

Great photos. I feel like I have been there. Scary, though.