Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dad Jokes

I've lately been hearing tales of aggressive red-wing blackbirds in the area around Lake Como, an area with which I have some familiarity. In fact I've been buzzed by them a few times myself. This morning, then, NCW and I went to see if we could locate the pests and see if they are as aggressive as described. I took my camera, but not my tennis racket, to record any bird who got close enough and moved slow enough to get into the photo. The racket would have been for defensive purposes. The birds kept their distance, perhaps respecting my age and size. I did, however, get a few photos, but not of birds. This one is from the dock on the far southwest part of the lake with the pavilion in the distance. The clouds were large and attractive and not at all threatening.

The Como pavilion from a slightly different angle than normal with the midmorning reflection appearing in the lake. We were closer here to where the black birds are nesting, but they were busy flying about getting food and generally socializing with their friends and seemed not to notice us. It was a nice morning and the day one of the nicer of this very rainy June.

Last night I had the last tennis match of the summer schedule for the USTA Super Senior tennis team that I joined this spring. It only allows guys 65 and over to play on a team, so there are only two teams in the twin cities area, or the whole northern region for that matter. The team won the match to arrive at a 7-0 record and a chance to get a free teeshirt with tennis advertising on it, and a trip to a national tournament of geezer tennis players next March in Surprise, Arizona.

"I sat up all night wondering what became of the sun, and then it dawned on me." PP calls this a dad joke. When she read it to me off reddit last night we both (and NCW, too) broke up.


Santini said...

Smile. :-)

Laughing is good for you.

I particularly like the reflection photo. Nice one.

Gino said...

The pavilion reflection shot is an all time classic.

Jimi said...

Thanks. Maybe I'll get NCW to make a card out of it.

BDE said...

That is a beautiful shot. The attacking bird was in-between the dock photo and the pavilion on on the narrow path down to the peninsula. Maybe you have to have curly hair to offend them.