Friday, June 20, 2014

High Water

This World Cup stuff along with Facebook are using up way too much of my time. I wanted to watch Italy play and then France played Switzerland. All good European teams. Italy lost to an upstart Costa Rica, then France manhandled the Swiss. In between the games I hit tennis balls for about an hour in the heat, came home to eat and then settled in for an expected close game. 5-2? That's like a 35-14 American football game.

So instead of watching the third game, NCW and I went to Harriet Island to see the high water. There were actually signs that said, "Warning! High Water." That seemed too obvious to need a sign. The sidewalk one needed to use to get to the sign looked like this:

The Taste of Minnesota, which was scheduled for the July 4th weekend at Harriet Island has to move. Harriet Island is too dangerous. The Mississippi is expected to crest this coming Thursday. This may be an excess of caution, but it is what it is. We've had way too much rain this year, a year which has turned out to be the rainiest year through June since records have been kept - 1871.

So it goes.


Santini said...

I heard on some weather broadcast that half the state of MN was under water. I'm beginning to believe that it might not be as big an exaggeration as I thought.

I hope it stops, soon!

Gino said...

Nice High Bridge high water photo.

To follow the American football analogy France was up 35-0 before Suisse scored and had the 42-14 TD disallowed as it was ruled they didn't get the play off before the final whistle.

Caution, though, France is not in a strong group. Lots of futbol still to come.