Thursday, June 19, 2014

High-fiving a cement snowman

It stopped raining for a while today. NCW and I took the opportunity for an amble around the neighborhood. We passed the school on Linwood that used to be the Linwood Open School and which has been repurposed to some other sort of school. They have a cement, white painted snowman as some sort of mascot. NCW saw an opportunity for a blog photo. This is what came of it. It's raining again now.

The World Cup continues to be exciting. Today's big match was England against Uruguay, two former champions of the tournament. It was good action and good futbol, and it looks like the England side will fall short of the knock-out round. I watched the whole game while the rain dripped incessantly to the ground. Reports say this is the rainiest June since the 1870's. And there are 11 days to go. But so far I've been able to squeeze in two tennis sessions for the week.

I decided to sign up for Facebook. I've been missing out on family news and health updates, so I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and see what happens. So far it's been a pretty big time waster, but I'm new to the game and may figure out how to maintain a normal life. Twenty-two friends so far. I think I'll be able to get PP and UH to join the fold, too, soon.

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Santini said...

Cute photo! Snowman or Pillsbury doughboy?

Facebook has settings that allow you to disable the constant stream of updates, without unfriending anyone. I do get news through FB that I probably wouldn't get otherwise, so for me, it's worth it.