Sunday, June 12, 2011

White tailed deer at Crosby Farm

Crosby Farm Park is in the flood plain. The Mississippi River is still high enough to flood the low lying parts of the flood plain. There used to be a pretty good bike trail that ran through Crosby Farm, but that trail is still closed. High Water. Actually it's more than high water. It's mud and sand and tree trunks across the trail that keep the trail closed. It's possible to walk the trail, if one is willing to get mud on one's shoes and is also willing to go off path now and then to go around downed trees.  That's what I did.

The lack of a bike or hiking trail has kept the visitors to a minimum and that seems to have encouraged the deer herd to take back some territory, even if it's a temporary recapture. I was walking on one of the muddier sections when I encountered this white tailed deer. It was was tame enough to let me take several photos with my telephoto lens, and then he sauntered off stage right.

The flood waters elevated this tree trunk high enough to get between two healthy trees and it stayed put when the water level dropped. Now the position looks pretty permanent. I forget sometimes the power of water to raise objects and strand them in unexpected spots.  That's the Mississippi River in the background.

After two straight days of tennis, I took today off.  I needed the rest.


Retired Professor said...

Two excellent photo shoots in a row -- you're over achieving here.

Flood waters still closing bike paths in mid June -- there must have been a lot of snow pack to melt, or something. Impressive photo of the log lodged in the Y of the tree.

Deer are not usually willing models for photos -- that's a nice one.

Jimi said...

Thanks, R.P. The camera gets most of the credit for the photos. I just point it.

Santini said...

Art is hard work. That's a quote from someone. It's on G.Z.'s blog.