Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lake Phalen

I hadn't been around Lake Phalen yet this summer, and because I had a day off from the tennis wars, I decided I could walk the three miles or so that is needed to circumnavigate the lake. And it was a nice enough day to appreciate the weather. The main attraction for me at the lake, at least as a subject to photograph is the stone sculpture from the Minnesota Rocks project from a couple of years ago. The face is decidedly an Asian face and well done. It's situated near the water and the whole area is attractive this time of year.

And another angle of the same sculpture.

I walked around the lake and the smaller Round Lake adjacent to Phalen. There were lots of people out and exercising - running, walking, biking and even a few fishermen.

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Retired Professor said...

Both are nice photos. I like the one with the bridge in the background best, I think.