Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nicest Wednesday of the week

After yesterday almost any weather would have been pretty nice, but today was cool enough without humidity to qualify in one of those nicest days comparisons.

I have another bird photo, but after this I may find another subject for a while - perhaps benches, or snow piles (although the St Paul fish rap reported today that the huge snow pile at the Rice Street Sears store finally melted in yesterday's 103 degree heat), or maybe traffic signs. The two adult geese are herding around a brood of new geese, goslings, I think they're called. They'll soon be fans of that Beach Boys hit, "Little Deuce Coupe."  At any rate, goslings are pretty cute until they get bigger, ornery and messy.  One of the big ones hissed at me as I went by, a trifle too close for the boundaries of its personal space.  I kept walking.

There was geezer tennis at Marie Park this afternoon and eight guys showed up for the fun.  It was windy enough to cause some stress and some mis-hits, but otherwise a fine day.  I was playing with one of the regulars as a partner and we were nearly bageled in the first set, before regaining equilibrium and getting two games before succumbing.   I haven't been bageled in a while and had forgotten how sometimes no matter what you hit over the net, it comes back just a little nastier than it left, and sometimes it'll even bounce off the top of the net and fall straight down your your side of the net.  I think there is karma - good and  bad - involved these plays, but they are sometimes unavoidable.  I'll have my good days, too.  I'm not complaining.

It's nice that it's June and the tomatoes are growing rapidly by my back door.  What's nicer than that?

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Retired Professor said...

Good news on the snow melt.

Ah, a Beach Boys reference.