Friday, June 24, 2011

On the Road to the Farmer's Market

After a long stretch of not so good days, we had a nice one today. I managed to spend a lot of it outside, including mowing the tall grass in my yard and toting some grass and weed refuse to to the grass recycle place on Pleasant Avenue. This afternoon I remembered that the Farmer's Market is Friday at St Thomas More church on Summit. I decided to walk up there and see what sort of veggies and goodies they were selling. On the way I have to walk by the governor's mansion. I know he wasn't there, because he was in a meeting with the legislature's leaders, trying to figure out how to not shut down the state on July first. Across from the guv's place is this line of boulevard trees, including one disguised as a woman settler from the early days of the state. She's standing in her usual place in line with the other trees.

Across the street is the place where Mark Dayton is living. He's our current governor, and he is the first guv in quite a while to actually live in the Governor's Mansion.

The farmer's market was pretty busy as the photo tries to show. There were spring veggies - lettuce, green onions, a few cukes, little potatoes, even some beets - and fresh strawberries. I bought some green onions and also strawberries after being assured that they were fresh and sweet. The berries were okay, but did not compare favorably with the ones we bought at the Paris farmer's market last May. But fresh strawberries are always welcome, even if they taste more like straw than berries

I played USTA mixed doubles in the league again tonight, this time at the Lifetime Fitness in St Louis Park. Kathy was my partner again this week. Although we again failed to win, the match was a bit closer than last week and I felt like I played some better. Time on the tennis court is almost always well worth the effort.

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Santini said...

Nice, newsy post. Sounds like a pretty good day, to me. Too bad about the strawberries, though. The ones I got were pretty good, though I don't have the same standard of comparison that you do.