Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chocolate eclairs and almond croissants

A pretty good memory and one worth repeating.

It was a warm day, my car thermometer registered 87 after I finished tennis with the geezers at about 5 this afternoon. It was hot and a little windy, but I stayed hydrated as often advised and I finished the day feeling pretty good. We were eight players this afternoon. Bill, our current world traveler, is back from his trip to England to watch the Wimbledon tournament that is just now reaching the semifinals. He said the tennis was great, but the crowds on the grounds were stifling, almost like riding a subway in Tokyo, he said. Tennis Dennis was back from his operation to remove some minor skin cancer from one of his ears, but was playing pretty well in spite of it. My partner for the day was John, who has been spending some time at his place in downtown Chicago lately, but is back in town for a while. We managed to win two sets and also stay alive on a hot day. Jerry played, too. He's the captain of my USTA league mixed doubles team. He works for the state of Minnesota and it looks like he may be available for a lot of daytime tennis in the next month unless the legislature and the governor are able to compromise on a state budget by July first. The others were Cos, Eric, and Curt. It's a great group of guys. All geezers or honorary geezers.

And I'm starting to dream in French - some of the time about chocolate eclairs and almond croissants.

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Retired Professor said...

It sounds like you're looking forward to your upcoming trip. A little pain au chocolat would be good.