Friday, June 17, 2011

Trees Grow in the Park

I had a walk around Como Park to get ready for the Friday night USTA mixed doubles match. A prematch walk helps to loosen my joints and get the blood flowing to the aching parts of my body. It didn't help the quality of my match, but I managed to get a photo or two. It was a busy day by the lake. There was some sort of banquet and a private golf outing for the Chamber of Commerce and they were using the pavilion and loudspeakers. I crossed to the Conservatory side of Lexington and found this stand of pine trees in a less visited part of the park.

On my walk around the lake, I once again encountered the heron or egret or whatever it is. There are actually multiple individuals of this ilk hanging around and eating the fish in the lake. I find them attractive and can't seem to resist taking a snapshot and adding it to my blog for decoration. I really like the upgrades to Como Park in the last few years, and I thank the citizens of St Paul for footing the bill for it. That population of St Paul taxpayers also includes me. I'm always glad to do my part.

Tennis was played at baseline tennis center at the U of Minnesota. We played outside on courts 16-18. It was a nice early evening with little wind, but we played poorly and lost. The team as a whole went down 2-1, but we had a nice night to be outside smacking those little yellow balls. The rain held off until we quit, but I guess we getting some thunderstorms later tonight.

Tomorrow, I'm going to visit the Prairie Princess in her new environs. She's only about six weeks from her grad school adventure in the old country.

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Retired Professor said...

Have a safe trip, and a happy Father's Day. My love to the Prairie Princess. And Adam.