Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sato finishes last

In the just completed annual family Indy 500 pool I managed to pick the last place finisher - the driver of the first car to crash out - Takuma Sato of Japan. However Danica Patrick, my last-second third choice led for a while before finishing tenth. I congratulate Mr Moohoo for his astute pick of the lucky, last-second winner, Dan Wheldon.

After the race, because the bridge to Pike Island is closed, I decided to go to Webster, Wisconsin. Tomorrow is Memorial day and I decided that it was maybe my year to spruce up the family's burial plots. Dad was always one for marking Memorial Day and always put flowers on the graves. So I bought some flowers and top soil in a bag and drove to Wisconsin.

Lillie's grave was in need of the most work. I trimmed the pine tree that is growing there and planted my own yellow flowers to complement the red ones that someone had planted some time recently. I even raked up the leaves and spread some grass seed on the soil that I brought along. I'm not sure who I was doing this maintenance for, but I felt better for it. Maybe I was doing it for me. It looks better, good enough to warrant a photo. A woman who was there doing her own maintenance for the usual Memorial Day rites, stopped and said that it looked nice. I thanked her and said that it was much in need of some work.

It was a little rainy on the way back and the total drive time was about four hours, but it was the right thing to do today.

Novak Djokovic continued his winning streak in Paris today, beating Frenchman Richard Gasquet pretty handily. He's in the quarterfinals, where he must play an Italian guy, Fabio Fognini. I think Fabio has run out of luck. Roger Federer and Raffa Nadal await Novak in the semis and finals. If he makes the finals he will displace Raffa Nadal as number one in the world.


Santini said...

Good job, it does look nice. A good year for it, too. I suspect she's been on your mind some, of late.

My guess as to who planted the red flowers would be Mark.

Gino said...

I concur, a good job of work.