Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crosby Farm trails still closed

Wednesday dawned as a very promising day. The sun was shining and the weather forecasters were predicting a fine day. I had a couple of hours before the scheduled tennis session with the guys I play with, and I do have my new camera to learn about. I haven't been to Crosby Farm to scope out the level of the water and to find out the status of the bike paths along the river that I sometimes frequent. As I was to find out, the water is still high and the biking and hiking paths are closed. That's what the sign says.

And the water is still up over the path in many places. There are also large tree trunks in spots that have washed up onto the trail and were stranded there when the river receded. In this photo, it's only mud and water that are troublesome.

People have been using the park anyhow. There are new paths worn into the brush where people have walked on their way to the river's often used fishing holes. This is one of them. It almost looks like wilderness.

This last photo is of the river. The trees are standing in water and have been for weeks. I think it happens most springs, so I'm thinking that the trees have adapted to standing in water for part of their lives.

Tennis was a little shabby today. Not one of the available geezers was playing too well, maybe because of a gentle zephyr blowing around at Marie Park, but it was a really nice day and I'm not about to start complaining about the weather so soon after this last epic winter. We played two sets - very even sets - and then went home. A day on the courts outside is almost always a good day.

Only three days until the end of the world. Saturday, which is the day a religious sect leader has predicted as doomsday, is soon to be upon us. Get out the good wine that you've been saving and drink it before it's too late.

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Retired Professor said...

Crosby Farm is neat, even muddy and partially submerged.

No benches?