Monday, May 23, 2011

Time of the Lilacs

I think the lilacs are late this year, but they have arrived in all their purpleness. And they have a lovely aroma.

It was a stormy weekend in the Saintly City, but not as bad as across the river where a huge tornado busted up north Minneapolis. That was a serious wind storm. The rain kept me off the tennis courts and away from the woodsy areas by the Mississippi. And it made the lawn grow and turn a trifle jungly. So today I mowed the grass and later after lunch I hit some tennis balls at Marie Park with another of the usual group. We often play doubles on Monday, but there were conflicts today. Practice is exercise and time spent outside. We settled for that.

The French Open is in progress in Paris this week. It's just a year since my presence at the tournament and watching it on television brings back some good memories of the time spent there. The favorite to win this year is still probably Nadal, but Djokovic has been on a tear, winning 40 matches in a row and he certainly deserves consideration. I think Federer has a chance win, too, but he must get by these two guys, not an easy task. I'll be watching. It'll be some entertaining tennis.

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Senior Cyclist said...

I think I have mentioned how fond I am of lilacs.

I am glad everyone got through the storm okay.