Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running and biking

The Prairie Princess is now on her way back to southern Wisconsin. While she was here, this morning, she participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a breast cancer benefit that runs on Mother's Day each year at the Mall of America. She ran the 5K before 9 a.m. and came home in her outfit. She bought the t-shirt as part of the entry fee, and the number on her back helps indicate the size of the turnout in the Twin Cities. She was near the last to register, so 32,000 may be a reasonable guess for the number of runners.

She decided to run for Lillie, the grandmother she never knew, and wrote her name on the patch on her back. It was a nice thing to do and made me proud.

It wasn't the nicest May 8th on record, but it was nice enough that I tried out my bicycle for the first time this year. My tennis schedule is in a state of flux as the season changes, so I haven't played in a couple of days, so exercise seemed appropriate. So I pumped up the tires, checked the on board computer and set out to circle the neighborhood. As luck would have it, at the five mile mark the rain started to fall. I was close enough to home so that I was in no danger of dissolving or melting and I made it home full-size. But for the year I'm still about a thousand miles behind the truly hardcore. It's a beginning.

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Retired Professor said...

I'm pleased and touched that she'd do the run in Lillie's memory. Good job, PP.

SGK is a good organization, from what I've heard. Low overhead, and a high percentage of revenues goes to research.