Monday, May 16, 2011

Eight Hundred

It was a beautiful day in May, a day in the early 70's. Nice enough to play some extra tennis with the gang of geezers. We play at Marie Park, which is right next to a pond that seems more bog than pond. I went to the park early to get some photos, mostly for blog material. This is the court we usually play on and you can see the pond/bog in the background.

I walked to the pond and discovered some mallards paddling around. They seemed like they were comfortable in their world, so I snapped a photo and left them alone. Mallards seem to be plentiful in Minnesota this time of year. They inhabit Lake Como, too, in fairly large numbers.

When the other geezers arrived, some time later, we chatted a bit about Novak Djokavic's streak (he just beat Raffa in the Italian Open final for his 39th consecutive win), the Bulls-Heat game, and the loss of Trump in the presidential sweepstakes, to the bitter disappointment of the comedians of America. Then we warmed up in a swirling wind and played a couple of sets. It was uneven tennis and the wind caused some bad errors, mishits and double faults. But it was tennis and competition at the usual geezer level. We had some fun and resolved to do it again on Wednesday. The outdoor season looks like it might stick.

Bob Dylan will be 70 on May 24. Is this at all possible? He's still six days older than Tommy. All questions and answers are "Blowin' in the Wind"

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Senior Cyclist said...

It looks like a nice spot -- a little Ollie's Pond-ish.

Congrats on the 800 posts. That's a lot of words and photos.