Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tunnel Park

We've been to Tunnel Park about every day since arriving. It's a short walk to the north and there's the dune to climb. On the other side of the dune there is a place to run down the dune, a place that is often the destination site of our treks up the beach.

Sometimes we take the tunnel, which is the source of the name of the park. It's a nice tunnel and it makes getting past the dune a lot easier.

The beach side of the tunnel.

It was a beautiful day and we had a walk north past Tunnel Park. There was a group of about 30 high school athletes on the beach when we got there. I think they were football players. They were running in a circle about 50 feet in circumference and the coaches were yelling at them to not give up, and to work hard because their rivals were surely working harder than they were. They continued to run in the small circle for at least a half hour as we walked by, up the beach and returned. When we went by again, there were a couple of the weaker members of the team who were lying on their backs holding onto cramped leg muscles. I haven't seen this particular conditioning drill before, but I'm not adding it to my regime. Maybe it's good for team building. It was just an odd occurrence on an otherwise beautiful, ordinary day somewhere east of Milwaukee.

One last time.


Gino said...

Football is weird. There oughta be a law against some of that stuff.

Actually, there probably is.

Santini said...

Good point. I totally agree.

Santini said...

Excellent "light at the end of the tunnel" photo.

BDE said...

I am behind on my blogging. It's a good thing I backtracked and found this post. What a perfect sunset picture and I agree with Santini re the tunnel photos.

Anonymous said...

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