Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tennis, Tennis

It was another really nice day in the Saintly City. It was a day custom made for a bit of tennis, and luckily, my old tennis buddy and nemesis is in town for the upcoming Hamline Homecoming and various alumni activities. That Hamline stuff isn't until next week, so today we went to Linwood Park and smacked some balls at each other. I guess we're getting older and maybe not quite as quick on our feet, but we got around the courts pretty well and managed to play two full sets of our favorite game. Then to prove that we were there, we took pictures and here I am posting a photo of Rich after a bit of competition.  He even worked up a bit of perspiration.

It's a two session day. I'm off to play a little competitive tennis in a bit with Jerry and the hard core girls. I guess that might be called re-tennis.

Life is good.


Retired Professor said...

That's a lot of tennis for one day. Re-tennis doesn't have quite the ring to it that re-cycling does, at least to my ear.

Keep smacking those tennis balls.

Mrs Smith said...

How great that the two of you are still playing. My tennis partners have moved away or gotten injured. I did not play once this summer! You are inspiring me to try harder to find a new partner.