Friday, September 21, 2012


My memory is not good enough to know if I've posted this photo before. I looked around a little in the blog history and couldn't find it. I even tried the google image search to no avail. So I'm posting this photo of the circa 1930 G.E. Miller family including Dutch, the dog. It's the whole family except the eldest son, George (Bob), who likely was behind the camera. Does everyone know which one is Jane? Charles? Tom? Betty? John, Melissa? The old guy is George Eugene, of course.

It was my third straight day of indoor tennis. It's actually pretty nice to be playing inside. There's no wind and the sun is never in your eyes when you serve and when you hit overhead smashes. We played at Fort Snelling today. The thing that has been added to the indoor courts in about the last year is a new set of lines painted on the court. The game has been modified so that little kids have an easier time mastering the mechanics. They have a shorter court, so that the serve has a much better chance of getting over the net. There are a few other changes for little kids - shorter and lighter rackets, and softer balls that don't bounce as high and that can't be blasted so hard that little people can't hit them back.

The main reason we played tennis inside today is that the weather turned noticeably colder. Some of the weather wizards are predicting an inch or so of snow in the state this weekend, but probably mostly in the north. Tomorrow is the equinox - the day that daylight and night time are supposedly the same length of time. Because I know that light hangs around quite a while after sunset, the actual equality of light and dark is somewhat in doubt.

The sumacs are turning red.


Retired Professor said...

I don't think I've seen that photo before -- I recognize most of the players. Except the dog.

Snow? Really? It's still June!

BDE said...

Only the tall gentleman on the right (Tom?) looks less than depressed. He looks like he is thinking of maybe smiling!

Gino said...

Where's GR?

Szasz Sebes Paul said...

Great picture