Monday, September 24, 2012

Shadow tennis

After a nice weekend, most of it spent somewhere near Grand Rapids, I came home for a full week's schedule of tennis. Today there were five mostly retired gents at Marie Park. Five is a hard number to work into a tennis rotation, but we've come to this scheme [why isn't scheme spelled with a "k"?] where the fifth wheel rotates onto the court after every complete game, so that each gent sits out every fifth game. The server is always on the south end of the court so that he doesn't have to look into the sun, and we keep score of the games as though it was north side vs south side. Today the south (always the server) won 11-2. Then Tennis Dennis had to go home and we played a set of men's doubles.   Did I say that it was an absolutely beautiful day?

That's what I'm going to call shadow tennis.

On the way home from my exotic tennis session, I noticed once again that it's political funny season and lawn signs are springing up everywhere. I drove past a sign in Mendota heights that screamed "Jesse!" at passersby. "Who is that?" one wondered. I slowed and saw that it was an old lawn sign for Jesse Ventura and Mae Schunk for Minnesota governor and lieutenant governor from 1998, when Jesse unexpectedly was elected guv of Minnesota. I guess whoever put up the sign is nostalgic for the good old days. I'm sorry that I didn't have my camera ready, but I may go back for photographic backup.

The trees are getting closer to turning bright colors again. This little body of water is somewhere between Nashwauk and Keewatin and some of the surrounding trees are surrendering to their colorful fate.  The equinox has passed and the harvest moon is expected this weekend.


Retired Professor said...


It looks quite pretty between Nashwauk and Keewatin this time of year.

Jimi said...

No NASCAR, just lawn signs.