Thursday, September 13, 2012

"I blog for comments."

Here's Santini, wearing her newest and truest tee shirt, which expresses a sentiment she penned a few weeks ago on her blog, a sentiment which was turned into a wearable quote by the GFTNC. I think Santini likes it.

It looked like rain was going to overtake us today, so we took a tour of Hope College and the lake area around the authentic wind mill in town.  It didn't result in much in the order of dramatic photos, but we got some exercise and a chance to see where the tulips grow around here in the spring before tulip time.

We then went to the store for ingredients and came back to the mountain for some serious cooking, followed by some tasty food.   PW cooked a pork tenderloin roast, roasted sweet potatoes and a batch of popovers.  Unky Herb made one of his delectable salads with lots of "flavor edges" and we ate what we could and saved the rest.  There will be leftovers for several more days.

The rain has not yet made it across the big lake, but it's still pretty cloudy.

Santini took this photo with my camera a day or so ago, and it's on the beach on the way to Tunnel Park. The Prairie Princess has named this beach the most perfect in the world - better than any ocean front beach and possessed of the very best sand - the sand that sings when you slide step through at the requisite velocity.

This next shot is from our trek to Kirk Park yesterday. As you can see there were a few, actually quite a few steps to climb to get to the good parts. This is the second of the two steepest and longest of the flights of stairs.

This photo from a day or so ago was an experiment in reflections. It's a shot of a perfectly good sunset reflected in the front windows of Santini's mountain abode with an outline of the photographer getting the rabbit ears treatment from PW.

It was another day well spent in southwest Michigan.

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Santini said...

Pork loin, popovers, roasted sweet potatoes and julienne salad. It was sooo good. And tomorrow -- fresh home made rye bread. The food has been really good this week!