Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Red

We had three nice walks on the world's nicest beach. The middle one was what has long been known as the death march, a nice southerly saunter to the lighthouse in Holland State Park. It took the usual amount of time, but in September the park is nearly deserted.   The red flags indicating dangerous surf were up and swimming was "forbidden." Unky Herb, GFTNC and I made the trip today. Big Red looks about like it has every time I've trudged down the beach to see it.  The dreaded pink color from the spring has been overlaid with brick red.

Today was pretty much a cooking day, I guess. The GFTNC baked rye rolls from scratch (and flour) and Santini made Lillie's Red Devils Food cake.  And we had spaghetti dinner with Nancy, Brad, and the grandkids.

After dinner we made our usual Friday night trek to Tunnel Park. It was nearly sunset by the time we reached the park, but most of the willing made a run down the dune. Herb ran down a few times and ran back up a few times.  TJ and Nicki, and even Nancy had a trip down the dune run, too.

The end of another day, Santini turns to face the camera as the sun sets in the west.


BDE said...

Sounds like a typical lovely day on the mountain . Beautiful photos.

Santini said...

Starting to wind down. The time has gone by quickly.