Monday, September 10, 2012

Murray wins US Open

Sunset comes every night, but sometimes you can't see it, perhaps because of cloud cover, but sometimes it comes after one of the nicest days of the month, or of the year, and possibly any year at all. This is a new venue for my relentless urge to take photos as the sun goes down. We - the four of us, Unky Herb, Santini, the Girl From the North Country (GFTNC) and I - were at Holland State Park, just down the lake from here. We went to check out the paint job on Big Pink (which has reverted to Big Red after a new paint job), to show GFTNC the state park in September, and maybe take a shot of Old Sol as he set in the west. The pier provided a bit of extra detail to the photo and the jet trails in the sky some extra finery.

Photo taken by Unky Herb just before sunset at Holland State Park. Big Red can be viewed in the immediate background.  The pink has been replaced by a deep red as one can see.

Last night at Tunnel Park we had the traditional evening trek to the park and stopped just inside the park to get a wind swept photo of the group. Even the photographer's shadow can be seen. We're all in the photo. We have been to the top of the dune there and both Unky Herb and I have done the traditional run down the dune. Herb also ran back up the dune, a feat that I may try to replicate later in the week.

We've mostly stayed on the mountain so far this trip. We took a trip to the grocers for excitement and entertainment, but returned for a home cooked meal and then the previously reported journey to the big park for the sunset. It's been an interesting two days so far, good food and lots of laughing and talking. We had so much fun that I forgot about the US Open finals until it was already over. It's pretty nice to see that Andy Murray won, the first British man to win a major since 1936. I think he would have rather won at Wimby, but at least he has his first major, and has a somewhat better chance to be the first Scotsman to win Wimby.


Santini said...

Nice re-cap of the day or so since you arrived. BDE has been waiting for news of you guys, so she'll be happy to see your post, too.

Gino said...

Really spectacular sunset photo.

Jimi said...

Thanks, Gino, it was a pretty spectacular sunset.

Santini, I'll try to keep the news mill grinding.

BDE said...

You've gotten a LOT taller since I've seen you. Nice photos.