Thursday, September 20, 2012

A trip to the DVS

These are the current tennis nets at Hamline on the courts that I used to play in 1961-1965. The courts used to be concrete, but they have been upgraded in the 47 years since I left.  They even have supplied nice white benches for the players to sit during the change of sides on the odd numbered games.

I went to the DVS today to get my driver's license renewed. It's a once every four years thing, but it's always just a bit stressful. I always wonder if I'll still be able pass the eye test, and then there is the dreadful photo that they take of you that you have to carry around to show people for the next four years. I got a pleasant enough guy to handle the renewal process. We even joked a bit about the eye test and the photo. He said that he was jealous of my ability to read the top line of the eye test contraption. He has to wear glasses. I commiserated. And he let me look at the photo and gave me editorial control. It was digital and he'd take another one if I didn't like the first. The photo wasn't so bad, and my ego has long ago recognized that I'm no longer 30 years old. I went with the first try. That's done. I'm glad that piece of stressful activity is in the rear view mirror.

There was tennis tonight.  Indoor season has begun.  I played at Wooddale with Jerry and the hard core girls in a continuation of the mixed doubles tussles that we've been having the last few years.  It was competitive and fun and I realized again how much I appreciate that I'm able yet to play well enough to keep them willing to try again and again to beat me.  They're successful enough of the time and it's always a struggle until the last set finishes.

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Santini said...

I sympathize with your stress -- I had to do that last year in July, which was a stressful month, and my photo looks like an 80 year old woman.

Nice bench, and it's always good to hear news of the hard core girls.