Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Sometimes when you least expect it, a photo will just jump into your lens. Tonight on a trip to downtown Holland, we got so caught up in the sites near the waterfront that we were too late to get back to the mountain for the sunset. I fully expected it to be the best sunset of the week, but we stayed around downtown to catch the sunset from a new location. As I was about to snap a photo of a really nice sunset, a boat towing a water skier came into the frame, and, just as I snapped the photo, the skier jumped and my camera caught this shot. I think my career is made.

It was a nice day and it's only possible to abbreviate the activities. I'm actually reasonably knackered right now. This morning GFTNC, Unky Herb and I took a trek around Kirk Park. I had been there on a bike some years ago, but the hiking path was a different experience - up and down a sandy trail, lots of stair steps and green trees.  It was a nice place to exercise our legs and view the scenery.   Then back to the mountain for lunch - home made soup and leftover Chinese food from the Great Wall.

Next an afternoon hitting tennis balls for about an hour with Herb at the James Street tennis courts.  We got back to the highlands in time to fix vittles - some of Herb's Chinese eggplant and ginger with turkey burgers and salad.

Then, since I had a hankering for the aroma of fresh pickles, we went to the other side of Lake Macatawa.   There are lots of things there that I hadn't seen before - statues and parks and strolling citizens.  I have photos from there, too, but three seems like enough for this venue.

The GFTNC was standing among a group of solid citizens who immigrated to this part of Michigan quite a long time ago.

During our walk along Holland's downtown, we came dangerously close to the Heinz pickle factory, reputedly the largest pickle factory in the world. The aroma was out of this world - dill pickle heaven.

It was a beautiful day in southwest Michigan. I only wish the Prairie Princess could have been here for the fun, and also probably the aroma of pickles being processed.


Gino said...

Another spectacular sunset photo, so many elements so well framed. Really, really nice, deserves to be on a postcard.

This whole Heinz Waterfront Walkway is something I need to explore.

Jimi said...

Thanks, Gino. I think a postcard is probably likely to be produced in the relatively near future.

I recommend the water front. There were some friendly folk there, too. One guy asked if we heard him playing music downtown last week. Out of the blue.

Santini said...

"Solid citizens." Pretty funny stuff.

Another successful day.