Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture

The Winter Carnival has been over for a few days, but the temperature has stayed consistently below 20º and below 0º overnight so the snow sculptures from the contest have held their form pretty well. It was 10º today and since the sun was out NCW and I went to check out the sculptures. We were on our way to Har Mar for some mall walking so it seemed pretty natural. The sculptures are standing in the State Fair Grounds, just off Snelling Avenue. The site was nearly deserted today so we able to amble through the premises and get a pretty good gander at the works of art. This is a type of art perfectly suited to Minnesota and there are quite a few enthusiastic partakers of the contest. Some of the works are of a pretty good size. The creatures below are pretty big and took a lot of snow for their creation. NCW for scale.

The theme of this sculpture was the buffalo nickel. This is the heads side. There is a buffalo in high relief on the obverse (or tails) side.

This snow sculpture is a bee tending to a part of a beehive. It was singled out and given an award for it's artistry and creativity.

We stayed around for about ten minutes and then went off to the bookstore at Har Mar to warm up and search for literary bargains.

January has gone, but so far February is just its identical twin.

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Cool. (No pun intended. I think.)