Thursday, February 6, 2014

A little of this, a bit of that

I decided to get a new camera to deal with the battery issues of my current elderly ones. I bought a compact Nikon Coolpix to carry around and take some photos when my good camera is too clunky. This is one of the first photos that I took. It was snapped on a walk - a brief walk - outside at 4ยบ in the playing field at Linwood playground. NCW was with me and can attest to the briskness of the air. As often happens when the temperature is this puny, no one was skating. They were possibly at home getting ready for the Winter Olympics at Sochi.

It's cold so I've been looking at old photos. I don't think that I've posted this one before, but anyhow I like it and it's from 1945-46 or so and includes the Tom and Lillie Miller family of Webster, Wisconsin. TT on the left, Santini on the right next to Tommy.  I look older and taller than Tommy, but it's an illusion because I'm sitting on my mom's lap.

I have a copy of the 1926 Sylvacola - yearbook for Webster Wisconsin High School. I was thumbing through it and came upon a photo of the Sylvacola staff. Thomas Miller was the humor editor and is pictured at the left end of the middle row. I'm somewhat familiar with Thomas' sense of humor, him being my dad and all, so I was curious as to the humor selections in the annual.

There is a whole section entitled, "Jokes."

Examples follow:

Miss Beranek: Give us a sentence using the word "triangle."
Melvin: Next time you go fishing, try angle worms.

Myra: I think there is something dove-like about you.
Alice: Not, really!
Myra: Sure, you're pigeon toed.

and surely enough:

There are meters Iambic and meters Trochaic
And meters of musical tone,
But the meter that's neater, completer and sweeter,
Is to meet her in the moonlight alone.


Santini said...

I believe that was a Christmas card photo. And you don't look older than Tom in that one.

I've been looking at new point and shoot cameras myself. It will be interesting to see how you like your new one.

That first joke actually made me snort.

It looks cold where you live. Lynne sent me a photo yesterday of our mailbox. The snow pile is higher than the mailbox.

Santini said...

GZ was born in '46, so I'd say 1947 or so?

Jimi said...

Unky Herb thought that the guy on the left was the older of the two boys.

Why '47? GZ would have been in the photo in '47 and isn't.

The new camera seems to be quite good. I have to run it through its paces, but I like the size and convenience. Also, I'm partial to Nikons.

Santini said...

You're right about the year. I was having a bad day, computationally.