Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring training

It was a nice day, about 80º and we decided to go to Fort Myers to watch some baseball, which we had heard has broken out there in a couple of spots. The Twins were at work at Hammond Stadium and we stopped to watch and buy memorabilia. We had expensive new Twins hats so we had a guy named Bob take our photo with the stadium in the background.

The main Twin players were around and so were the old time Twins greats who are now coaching. We saw Tony O., Rod Carew, Tom Brunansky, and Gardy trying to improve the team for the 2014 season. Current Twins star, Joe Mauer, was also there and was doing a media interview while we watched.

The boys of summer were out getting in shape for the 2014 baseball season. A couple of these pitchers have seen major league action in the last couple of pretty unsuccessful Twins seasons. The first game is Friday against the Red Sox.  Can summer be far off?

After lunch we drove over to check out the Edison Museum.  We spent a couple of hours looking at artifacts and marveling at the accomplishments of the man.  He was the guy that lit up the world with electric lights and learned how to record sound, among other deeds.  It was an educational experience, but wore us out and we went home for home made vittles.

There was a huge tree on the grounds of the Edison Museum - not a banyan, but still really, really big. We stopped for a photo. Santini and NCW for scale.


Santini said...

I'm knackered.

BDE said...

80 degrees?!
Nice hats and I remember that HUGE tree. Sounds fun.