Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Later gator

NOTE:  Blogger played some tricks on me and I thought I'd lost the original post, so I tried to start over and reconstruct it.  As it turns out I was able to find most of it and I posted that one too.  This is the try at reconstruction.  Sorry about the blip.

NCW, Santini and I went to Ollie's Pond to get a better look at the gator who's been spooking the tourists nearby lately. He a pretty good sized brute, but didn't seem interested in the passersby. I guess big animals are too much of a task to take down for this juvenile creature. In any case he kept his distance and kept an eye on the pond while I snapped a few pictures of his movements.  Since I was weaponless, I was careful not to disturb his activities.

A closer look at the brute.  He's covered in moss and seems pretty well camouflaged for the hunt.

To prove that we were at Ollie's pond we posed for the camera. That's Ollie's Pond in the background.  It was teeming with bird life again as we walked by, but they were not much interested in posing for photos.

There are some hibiscus flowers growing next to Santini's place. This is a pretty one. These things can't survive in the outside in Minne-snow-ta, but thrive here.

A fairly tame and very white ibis walks the yard between the house and the waterway. I suppose he thinks he owns this plot of grass. Maybe he does.

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