Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We had a little walk around Ollie's Pond this afternoon. I wanted to get a better look at the gator who's been hanging around there and scaring the tourists. I said that I wished that I had a butcher knife for protection, but I think maybe a pitchfork would have been better. He's a pretty good size critter, but showed no interest in us as we went by, but we were pretty careful to stay far enough away to be safe. He was in a different spot than Santini remembered, but NCW caught a glimpse of him before we were very close and we stopped to get a good look at his mossy old back.

Here's a slightly closer view of the gator. Thankfully I have a zoom on the camera and I didn't have to stand very close. I had no weapons to defend myself and had to rely on the gator's supposed respect for fairly large animals. We both stood our ground.

The North Country Woman and TT proving that we visited Ollie's Pond. That's Ollie's Pond behind us.

There are actually flowers here growing outside. There is no need for a hothouse or a conservatory.

This ibis was hanging around near the waterway and eating whatever ibises eat. I took his picture.

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Santini said...

That reptile looks pretty big in these photos. Maybe the pitchfork would be the best weapon.