Friday, February 21, 2014

Ten inches of snow

It's still February and maybe a little too early to panic, but we did get one of those snow events yesterday and overnight that makes a lot of people yearn for southern states. I was able to get my share of extra exercise this morning moving, with Unky Herb's help, several tons of lovely whiteness from the sidewalks and alley near here. We even helped get two autos out of stuck positions and get them on their way to wherever they were off to.  One of the drivers was a woman from North Carolina who had ill advisedly moved here without learning how to drive through snowbanks.

 The street where I live was plowed today, but the highway patrol recommends no travel on Minnesota's roads until Monday. Like anyone will pay attention to that.

Congrats to the Canadian curlers and hockey teams, men and women, in the Sochi Winter Olympics. They took down the USA and the rest of the planet.


Gino said...

Winter wonderland.

As in, wonder why we put up with winter.

Jimi said...

I think having a short memory is a Minnesotan trait. We don't remember the bad days, just the pretty June days and sunsets.

The roads are awful.

Santini said...

Several tons? Wow. Even worse than I thought.

I like Gino's comment.

Holland has had 140 inches of it so far -- just shy of 12 feet. Not quite a record, but close.

I hear that January was the 4th warmest January on record. Seems odd to me.