Monday, February 10, 2014

February continues apace

The Olympic curling tournament has begun. I'll be watching the USA teams, a lot because the whole men's team is Minnesotan, and one of the women is from Eden Prairie. Since I've spent some time on curling ice in the last few years, I've come to appreciate the skill and strategy that's required to curl at this level.

Still frigid in the state - below zero again this morning. The birch trees are going to survive the cold, but it makes it hard for the humans to get out and about.

Cold and clear view of Swan Lake.


Santini said...

I watched the US men's team play Norway tonight. It's obscure, but that's part of the fun. I thought most of the US men's team was from Bemidji in the Vancouver Olympics.

Swan Lake looks pretty dang cold, I must say.

Anonymous said...

I was playing with a few numbers this morning. It was minus 28 in Swan Lake this morning, and 10 degrees in Holland. About a 40 degree difference. That's about the same difference as there was between Holland and Pt. C. this morning. (It's about 55 here at 7 am.) Yet somehow, it "looks" about the same in Swan Lake as it does in Holland. Clearly it isn't!!!! And it looks very different in Pt. C. than in either place. Swan Lake is beyond bone chilling. Still, without 10 feet of snow, the suffering quotient is different there than in MI.

Just thought I'd share my ramblings.

Retired in Florida